Posted by: jevcat | February 24, 2010

What I Learned From “Bubble Breaker”

What I Learned From “Bubble Breaker”

When my Beloved upgraded to in iPhone (which, unlike him, I can’t yet justify for business reasons, alas), I inherited his Wing.  I can’t afford to hook it up to the Web/e-mail, and this “smart phone” really seems to belong on the short bus (among other things, it dials people independently of me, sometimes repeatedly), but it did come equipped with one advantage:  a Bubble Breaker game.

I confess, I did not see the attraction at first, although I had watched Roger play it.  But one day recently, looking to kill time while waiting for something, I played a round.  And another.  I begin to understand the addiction.  I confess to sneaking games in the bathroom (in my own defense, sometimes one does need to be in there a bit and it’s certainly better than using the phone for its intended purpose and forcing any other occupant to listen to details of your job search, love life, or family issues).

I can now say, however, that this experience had been educational, and I share the wisdom I have garnered thereby, in no particular order:

  • You can always begin again.
  • Trying too hard can make things worse.
  • See the big picture but don’t forget the details:  don’t lose the forest OR the trees.
  • Everything is inter-connected:  what happens in one place affects things in many.
  • Some mistakes can be remedied, but not all of them.
  • When and where you move counts.
  • Anything can take over your life if you let it.
  • Relationships matter, and actions change relationships.
  • Don’t obsess.
  • Pay attention, but not too much:  relax, and things flow.
  • Work your connections.
  • Sometimes the “breaks” just come your way; and sometimes they don’t.
  • Trust your instincts − don’t change that first answer.

 And finally:  Some things in life you’ll just never be very good at; concentrate on the others.



  1. This is right up there with the stuff you learn in Kindergarten!

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