Posted by: jevcat | November 28, 2010


As a flame hollows out

a space in snow,

melt my coldness

with the warmth of your love.

Photo by Roger Bingler










As the sea

claims the shore

re-shaping the face of the land,

engulf me, mold me to your contours.









As a stone, standing in the desert,

is sculpted over time by wind and sand

into a stark and eerie beauty,

mark me as your own.

Photo by Roger Bingler










As the motes dance

in the sunlit shaft,

and incense rises, making visible the light,

may I move to your joy, embody your love.

Church of St. Luke in the Fields, NYC



  1. Your words and Roger’s pictures are so beautiful. Thanks and blessings!

  2. Wow! Deep! I have got to read this over and over and think about it.
    I love it!

  3. just lovely…I do so love this time of year…the waiting, anticipation…

    • Glad you liked it, Jane. We seem to feel similarly on quite a lot of things, which is fun.

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