Posted by: jevcat | February 14, 2011

Leave-Taking … and Coming Home

I’ve been too busy with freelance work 🙂 and taxes 😦 to write something for Valentine’s Day, so I thought instead I would post a poem I wrote when my Beloved and I were in the process of getting back together after a little matter of a 33-year gap in communication.


Our leave-taking


never left.

I carried with me

your Giacometti form

in the pleated dark.









Pedaling out of my life,

I thought

but never really gone

And me, Lot’s wife,

turned to salt

by unshed tears.

Hard, because I saw no other way.










Searching years,

gathered harvests, and

hunger, never quite assuaged,

I thought myself content.

But the path leads home,

and hearts may sometimes

journey far

And back, and back

And, yes, meet once again.



  1. That’s a beautiful poem, jevcat. And an amazing story, that you got back together after 33 years … have you written a post about that?
    I’m glad to hear you’re busy with freelance work! Taxes? Boo! Freelance work? Yay!
    Sunshine xx

    • Not yet. I thought about it for Valentine’s Day, but there wasn’t time. It really is an amazing story.

  2. i agree with sunshine: i’d love to read it. make the time. 🙂

    • Thanks, Wally. I appreciate your encouragement. Roger and I have been talking about writing a book about it ever since we got back together, doing something jointly — although I would have to edit his portion for spelling if nothing else 🙂 Certainly enough people have told us we ought to do it! I’ve made a couple of abortive beginnings but just this week wrote a new sort of introductory section, in a different voice than I see the rest of it being, and am sort of sitting on it a bit to see how it feels in a week or so, and then maybe forge on from there. I’m more of a sprinter than a distance runner, as it were, so it’s a challenge.

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