Posted by: jevcat | April 4, 2011

Sundae Will Never Be the Same

Whoever thought ice cream would bring me my 15 minutes of fame?

When I started my blog a little over a year ago, I hoped it would gradually build a readership that extended beyond people who actually know me and that it would gain numbers.  That did happen, but in a very small way.  Still, the folks who do follow me have been complimentary and wonderfully supportive, and, in some ways, they and the writing have been a lifeline during a time of continuing stress and difficulty.  And, although the high point came in December, when one day I had something like 153 views – far and above more than any other day, lately the daily and weekly totals have been edging higher, giving me encouragement.

Then came Saturday.  Late Saturday morning, my total view were already several hundred.  That was pleasing, if a bit baffling.  As the day wore on, I kept drifting back to check the stats, watching as they climbed steadily.  By evening, the number was approaching five digits, and none of them had left a comment.  I was getting nervous:  could something have hijacked my blog and be using it for some mysterious and nefarious purpose?  I wrote to WordPress security and asked.

Sunday morning, the answer came:  Sunday was the 119th anniversary of the invention of the ice cream sundae and, in honor of the occasion, Google had done a “Google Doodle” to celebrate.  Anyone clicking on it got related search results, including at least one with a link to my blog post.  The total views number for Sunday was more than 91,000, and for the weekend over 100,000.  We celebrated by stopping at Egger’s – the ice cream parlor that inspired the post – for sundaes on the way home from church.

Monday is down to only triple digits J  Eventually, the stats chart will read normally again (i.e., on the bar chart the bars for days other than this weekend will be visible).

Many of the folks who got the ice cream link stayed to poke around and look at some of the other recent posts.  Flatteringly, some of them even read the “About Me” page.  Maybe some of them enjoyed it enough to come back again in future.  Maybe eventually one of them will even comment …


  1. I’m glad you got more readers for a while, even if only for a silly reason. You have blessed people, probably, in myriad, un-knowable ways.

    • Thanks, Francesca. Your words help in so many ways beyond my writing.

  2. It’s an internet blog success story! Congrats to you! If any of the 100,000 had any taste (and not just for ice cream) they will return for more.

    • Thanks, David, for the encouragement. Some days I really need it.

  3. Now, if only you had been able to host ads! Seriously–that would have been some dough!

    that is so funny–and I love it, too…

    Glad your Sundae Sunday was wonderful…filled with ice cream and God.
    can it get better than that?


    • I know! I was thinking the same thing! Sigh.

  4. I have had surprising mega days as well although nothing near your levels. Why did this post draw so many? Why are there dramatic ups and downs? Why does a particular day draw a lot of hits all the time and after time a different day explodes with hits? I’ll never know the answer but I have met some very delightful people with whom I wish to stay in contact forever.

    • Carl, like much of life, this is a mystery to me.

  5. Wow – score!
    I had something similar happen on my blog, though on a much smaller scale. I wrote a post about Icarus a year ago and included an image from the internet. Six months later a video game called Kid Icarus came out, and suddenly I went from a few daily views to hundreds – everybody was clicking on that photo and landing on my blog! I don’t think I gained a single reader that way, but it was interesting and fun nonetheless. To this day I still get a few Icarus views every week!

    • Yes, I’ve dropped back to something more like what I had been getting prior to last weekend’s big anniversary, and I will be very glad next week when the bar graph has moved far enough along that I can see visually without clicking for numbers how a day is looking. I’m still getting “ice cream” hits though. And probably will for some time to come…

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