Posted by: jevcat | April 22, 2011

Good Friday Meditations

For a late Good Friday post, I thought I’d share a few things that are meaningful to me, including something my mother wrote quite a number of years ago (Note:  I can’t get the spacing to format the way she had it).

Photo I took some years ago in the burial area on the grounds of a convent (now a park, I believe) of the (Episcopal) Sisters of St. John the Baptist in Mendham, New Jersey

And Jesus Says, “I Thirst”

And Mary Cries

What use is it for a person to say he has faith when he does nothing to show it? … Suppose a brother or sister is in rags without enough food for the day and one of you says “Good luck to you, keep yourselves warm, and have plenty to eat,” but does nothing to supply their bodily needs, what is the good of that?  (James 2:14-16)

Now up and down the darkened streets

I see your shadows passing by.

Bent low you strain against the wind,

Your labored steps become almost a crawl,

and then into the meager shelter

of an empty doorway you subside,

huddled against a plastic bag or two,

which may perhaps your evening meal provide.

Retreating to my too warm room

I drop upon my knees

to do my duty as God’s child,

my evening prayer:

Thy kingdom come.

I thank you for your blessings Lord,

Oh Gentle Jesus, meek and mild.

And by the way, take care of those

who suffer Lord from hunger, need

or bitter cold,

be with them please.  Amen.

My duty done now grant me rest.

And so to bed, but as I rise

I hear a muffled moan within my breast,

And Jesus says, “I thirst,”

and Mary cries.

–Jeanne Vetter

Possibly my favorite quote from Julian of Norwich:

Love was his meaning.

And a piece of music I love and that is used at my church on Maundy Thursday:  Duruflé ‘s Ubi Caritas (although this is not my church’s choir singing):  “Where true charity and love prevail, God himself is there.”


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