Posted by: jevcat | June 12, 2011


For Pentecost, and, instead of something of my own, I’d like to share something my mother wrote many years ago:














Rushing winds,

tongues of flame

hearts can never be the same

once penetrated by the Spirit’s fire.


Oh come again,

and breathe into our souls life-giving breath.

Awaken from the death of apathy each one

who bears the name of Christian

and thus claims rank as kin to God the Son.


The church again is huddled in an upper room

awaiting you of whom Christ said,

“He will teach you all things.”


Oh Comforter,

We seek once more a sudden surge of penetrating fire.

We tremble, and in holy fear

pray for your Presence with us here.


Come, comfort us,

renew our strength,

and bless.


Teach us of love, and truth, and holiness.


Jeanne Vetter


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