Posted by: jevcat | April 7, 2012

Holy Saturday

Hush.  The tomb waits – not to be filled, but to be emptied.  It is finished – except it isn’t.

Altar of Repose, St. Luke in the Fields, NYC, 2012

Listen to the silence.  It is the silence of the seeds underground preparing to sprout, the silence of a baby waiting to be born.

We are always waiting in this life, but we do not always know what for.  Like the disciples, we learn only after.  So we wait, on this journey that is never finished, to find out what will happen knowing only that while there may be times we feel lonely, we are never alone.



  1. Indeed. So many times I wish I could figure out what I was waiting for. In this case, I sort of know…but only sort of.

  2. Happy Easter

    • You, too, Carl.

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