Posted by: jevcat | May 28, 2012

The Greening of St. George

Spring shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Easter and warmer weather announce it.  So do spring blossoms and attendant allergies.  But somehow it does, at least sometimes.  I opened my eyes one morning a couple of weeks ago, and suddenly the trees had leaves.  When did that happen?

Maybe it has to do with the schedule I’d been keeping of long hours at the day job and evenings and weekends (and commutes – and eternal blessings on the friend who gave me her old laptop!) tethered to my computer with freelance work – welcome for needed income, but rough on both me and my Beloved (Hello.  You look familiar.  Don’t you live here?)  Or maybe it’s related to the fact that we had an insanely mild winter or that the trees we can see from our bedroom (the ones the organization that owns the building in back of ours hasn’t cut down, that is – don’t get me started) are of a late-blooming variety, but somehow, some way, I missed it.

And for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been walking around the world wide-eyed and astonished.  Is it always this green?  Have I just forgotten?  And have there always been this many shades of green?  Is it even possible that there are this many shades of green?

So before spring runs right into the arms of summer and we all start feeling a little wilted and scorched, I thought I’d share the wonder a bit with a few photos of spring as it currently appears in St. George, Staten Island, my neighborhood, where the trees are such a bright explosion of greens, even recent grey days have not really seemed dark.




  1. From an hour+ north of the City, I’d say it’s indeed extra green and early green this year. The mild winter followed by the early and then very wet spring kicked not just trees and flowering shrubs into high gear, but also weeds, invasives, poison ivy, and the like. Doubtless ticks also, and pollen and mosquitoes. heh.

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