Posted by: jevcat | January 6, 2013

Epiphany 2006

A re-post, for the season:











We wandered far

chasing chimeras,


there and gone


A bit of light,

a firefly,

there and gone.


No pillar of fire —

nothing so certain —

flickering candles…

Were they there at all?

There and gone.


We followed, with hope

there and gone.


So busy we were, in our moth-lives,

we might have missed it,

the star,

there and gone.


But we saw,

we ourselves

there and gone,

and home by another way.


Leading light,

there and not gone,

not then,

not now,

not ever.


Oh light-split night

no dawn so bright

Darkness rent

night spent

Glory.  Glory.




  1. This is lovely…the cadence, the images…innocent.

    • The photos are by my friend Jutta, of her backyard in Germany, and the stars on her window were made by her son and her daughter, the latter being my friend Bettina.

  2. And even more glory in your glorifying. Thanks and blessings!

  3. What a stunning outpouring of light from you in this poem! Thank you for your quietness and openness.

    • Thank you so much, Nancy. It means a lot to know that something I wrote touched you to that degree.

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